The statistical information on this site may not be the latest. For the most up to date information visit the ABS website

Welcome to the new ABS website

Find out how we are transforming our website, how it works, and how we will continually improve.

Additional features have been added in preparation for the switch over later in 2020. We encourage you to fully utilise these updates to better prepare you for when we make the official switch.

Latest beta updates

We have recently made updates to the following:

'On this page' navigation

The navigation menu of the table of contents has now been improved to scroll down the page as you read. This functionality has not been optimised to work on a mobile device. This navigation menu currently only works in Google Chrome.

Updated page links

We have updated our page links in our banner and footer, which allow users to navigate to pages, such as Microdata, Classifications, Standards, Methods and Census.

Release calendar

We have made improvements to the release calendar. You will now be able to see that our release calendar is displayed and sorted in order for the latest release view. We are working towards improving this functionality further.

Latest release URL

There is now the ability to use 'latest-release' in data downloads for persistent URL scraping. To read more about our new URL structures, refer to New ABS data services.

Reference periods

We have now made improvements to the reference periods that allows us to accurately reflect a wider range of reference periods of our collections (e.g. multi-year collections).

Statistical page

We have made improvements to our 'statistics' page. You will now be able to see a standard card linked to the statistical listing page under the heading "Classification, standards and methods". 

Card descriptions have been re-ordered with improved descriptions for a better user navigation.

Key economic indicators page

We have made some minor changes to our Key Economic Indicators page, which now includes a description to provide better clarification to our users.

About our new website

The feedback you gave us about our current website helped us design a new website that is easier to understand and use. This beta website gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the new design and layout. We encourage you to provide feedback on your experience.

You might notice not all our content is here yet. We will be progressively adding and improving content to the website, with the focus initially on statistical topics.

Some of the things we have improved:

  • Key findings made clearer
  • Clear and easy pathways to statistics
  • Language that is easier to understand
  • Interactive graphs and tables
  • Improved search
  • Improved accessibility
  • New ABS data services

Later in 2020, this website will become the official website for the ABS and the URL will change from to Existing information will be easily discoverable from the new site.

At all points during this transition will always remain your official source of statistics. Information shown on the new website beta may not be the latest.

Improving our content

As we build our new website, our vision is to present data in a way that is more accessible and easier to use and understand. Some content has been migrated from the current website without many changes. During the transitional period, content will be released with varying degrees of improvement.

Census data

A lot of our users come to the website to find data collected during the Census. The way you access this data won’t change with the release of the new site.  You will still be able to easily access all our Census products - Quickstats, Community Profiles, TableBuilder in the same way you do now.


You may have noticed we have stopped releasing content in PDFs. We have done this to ensure the content is accessible to everyone, including those using screen readers. The same content will now be on web pages and all existing PDFs will remain available.


We are working towards improving our search functionality to ensure our data is easy to find.

Bookmark links

Later in 2020, existing bookmarks may no longer work or may not take you to the latest available information. You will need to re-discover content and re-save bookmarks to ensure you are taken to the right page.

Are you a web scraper, data user or developer? Find out what else in changing.

Historical content

When the new website switches over later in the year, all existing releases like Census and historical content will still be available. 

Previous releases and historical content will be clearly labelled to ensure you always know what content you have landed on. 

Tell us what you think

The ABS is committed to continually improve the customer experience. You can help us by providing feedback. The feedback button is located on the side and bottom of every page of the new website.