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Livestock Products, Australia

Quarterly statistics on receivals of wool, livestock slaughtering, meat production, and exports. Includes seasonally adjusted and trend totals

Reference period
September Quarter 2019

Livestock products (trend)

Since June 2019


  • 2.1 million were slaughtered (up 1.0%)
  • 594,100 tonnes of beef were produced (up 0.7%)


  • 2.1 million were slaughtered (down 5.2%)
  • 51,900 tonnes of mutton were produced (down 3.3%)


  • 5.3 million were slaughtered (down 3.5%)
  • 123,700 tonnes of lamb were produced (down 2.4%)


  • 1.3 million were slaughtered (down 2.0%)
  • 97,600 tonnes of pork were produced (down 2.1%)


  • 160 million were slaughtered (down 0.7%)
  • 300,700 tonnes of chicken meat were produced (down 1.9%)


Receivals for the September 2019 quarter continue to be the lowest on record. Continuing dry seasonal conditions have led to a decrease in wool produced in most regions, with many farms destocking across recent months.

  • 73,400 tonnes were received (down 4.7%)
  • Wool brokers and dealers reported decreases in all states with New South Wales down 3.4% (to 23,100 tonnes), Victoria down 4.3% ( to 21,900 tonnes) and Western Australia down 5.3% (to 17,000 tonnes)

Livestock value (original)

Gross value quarterly original movements for September 2019:

  • Cattle and calves increased by 16.3% to $3.4 billion
  • Sheep and lambs increased by 5.4% to $1.2 billion
  • Pigs increased by 5.0% to $365 million
  • Poultry remained steady at $701 million

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Table 1. Livestock slaughtered - excluding chickens: all series ('000)

Table 2. Livestock slaughtered - chickens: all series ('000)

Table 3A. Livestock slaughtered - excluding chickens: original ('000)

Table 3B. Livestock slaughtered - chickens: original ('000)

Table 4. Chicken meat produced: all series (tonnes)

Table 5. Exports of fresh, chilled, frozen and processed meat: original (tonnes)

Table 6. Exports of live sheep and cattle: original

Table 7. Brokers and dealers receivals of taxable wool: all series (tonnes)

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Gross value of livestock slaughtered