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ABS responds to COVID-19

The ABS is committed to delivering timely and accurate information about the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on Australian society and the economy.

We are producing a range of existing and new statistical products, providing relevant insights on households, employment and industry to inform government, business and community responses to the pandemic.

New statistical releases will provide information on:

  • Business impacts such as cash flow and turnover
  • Additional monthly analysis on hours worked, including reasons for working less hours, and quarterly hours worked analysis by industry
  • Preliminary retail turnover data
  • Interactive employment maps
  • Preliminary import and export data
  • COVID-related employment and health implications for households
  • Additional analysis of short term overseas visitors and international students
  • Interactive age and health conditions population maps
  • Confidentialised microdata for Australian businesses will be made available for researchers through TableBuilder so they can produce tables, graphs and maps

Protecting households, businesses and staff

The ABS is prioritising the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff, as well as households and businesses providing information to the ABS. We encourage participation online or by phone. More information is available for survey respondents.